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nS Community General Rules

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These community rules are to be followed at all times and they are not only to ensure that it remains a fair and fun experience for every player, but also, that we as a community show that we're doing things the right way. We're not looking to punish or remove anyone but we're trying to promote a good atmosphere and a better community so anyone that's disruptive will be removed.


SA:MP Roleplay rules can be found elsewhere on the forums.




  1. Respect - Treat your fellow community members with at least a little respect. This is a gaming forum, not an ideal world so you won't get on with every single person that you meet and we aren't your parents but when insulting words or behaviour goes too far, it becomes bullying and that's something that has no place here. That goes for discrimination as well, whether it's racial or sexist or any type, there's no room for it. Bottom line is, use some common sense and don't cross the line with people.
  2. Language - The forum is an English speaking forum. If you wish to use other languages with other players, then please do so using private messages. That being said, probably not a great idea to talk in a language a person doesn't understand privately either. 
  3. Spam - Please try and keep the forum trash free. Spam in this case is usually posts or threads that don't have any relevance to the the thread or the forum in which they are placed. Double posting for example, is fine for threads with lots of data (i.e. civilian faction thread) and it's acceptable for you to bump your own thread every 14 days but other than that, keep it all in one post if you can.
  4. Advertising - Please refrain from posting any links to other communities or links to unhelpful or spam websites. Also, do not advertise in other peoples communities either, respect the boundaries.
  5. Images - Do not post any media (images/video) that's 'not safe for work' on our forum. Some explicit content may offend or be unsuitable for some players and we want everyone to feel welcome to use our forums. Good marker for this is, don't post anything you wouldn't feel comfortable seeing in front of your parents. Also, when it comes to image sizes, let's not go too over the top either. 
  6. Staff - It can be a difficult relationship between staff and members, as there isn't really much to separate. Destination Gaming Staff want to allow as much leeway when it comes to having fun and you doing what you want to do as possible, but it's at their discretion what is acceptable and what isn't. We take our staff selection very seriously so please respect their decision making, even if you don't like the decision. There will be a staff report section if you wish to make a case of unfair treatment, but this should only be used in extreme cases.
  7. Illegal Activities - No hacks, wares, torrents or any other kind of illegal activity is permitted on the forums. Whatever you guys wish to discuss in private is your own affairs but nothing of that nature belongs on this forum.


The rules are pretty straightforward and again, designed to keep things fun for everyone. The ban/warn policy is that for minor offences (especially first offences) the punishment is light and might be a warning, more serious offences or persistent offences will lead to harsher measures being taken to keep things balanced. The maximum anyone will be banned for is six months as while some players can be constant rulebreakers, occasionally people change as well.

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