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  2. Hello Community Members, As you will be all aware, we suspended our SA:MP server last month and it seems like the right time giving the traffic and activity with that closure to go ahead and close the forums as well. Don't worry, your account and posts and stuff will be all safe and sound, but the site won't be accessible from the 26th of October 2017. Make sure you have however your email settings on your forum account toggled to allow emails from the forums if we decide to restart the community so you'll know we're back. Thank you for taking part in New Santos Roleplay and I hope you guys enjoy your gaming until we meet again. - Dizzy Bala.
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  4. Hello Community Members and Staff, Some of will probably have been thinking this has been coming but unfortunately, i regret to inform you all that we'll be temporarily suspending the SA:MP roleplay server with immediate effect until further notice. This is hopefully going to be a temporary measure and we hope to return in the next couple of months with something that is more sustainable in the long term. I don't have a specific return date at this time, but I don't foresee it being Truth is, there are probably quite a few reasons why things have not worked out but the most damning one seems to be that people are burned out and are indifferent to the server being up with so little people online. It's clear we do have the numbers but there is no one system or script feature or rule change that can change that on the scale that it would take to get things going again like people want it to so the best option is to regroup, redesign and relaunch later on. I'd rather we just took a break and came back stronger than continue trying to convince people that they should play. The ethos at the start was that this is an every person server and you should only play it while it's fun for you. We don't feel that we're currently delivering that. In the meanwhile, both the Discord and the Forums will be operational as normal and will be the hub for updates. The SA:MP server will be offline from this point forwards until we return but all your stats will be archived and safe. Donations will be paused so you'll get the time you have left on them. As for factions it'll depend what the factions status is at relaunch whether they are still scripted. We resolve to come back a better server than we've previously been with everything properly in place for the community to succeed, once again for the long term, not just for a couple months. On a personal level, I want to thank everyone new and old that has shown up and put the time in to be here. I hope to see you guys for the relaunch. Stay tuned to the forums and discord for updates. If you haven't already, make sure you have your email options correct so if we send out the mass email, you'll recieve it. Discuss - http://www.dgc-rp.net/forums/index.php?/topic/4039-suspending-samp-thread/&do=getNewComment Bala.
  5. y u not admin anymore?

  6. and your skin just in case



  7. Hello Community Members, To further aid the community's presence within the SA:MP Community, I've put together a trailer of sorts so that we can present that to people alongside the information about our server. You will probably recognise some of the footage from @Paul's fantastic videos for previous servers. Unfortunately he doesn't have the time to make a new one himself so as always, we're making the best out of an not ideal situation. Thank you for watching.
  8. haha, just saw your donation xD, Dizzy feelsbadman

  9. Explain something to me - the command /newsradio

    Usage: /newsradio [link]


    How is this used, seems to be a stream of sorts, but where does it stream etc etc

    Not getting the second part :)

  10. your screenshots, doyou edit them after, cuz they look extremely sharp, how do you get that effect

  11. Jeez long time no see, how you doing :)

    1. Ashleigh


      I'm good thanks! how are you?!

      Nice to see you again cc:::

    2. Guru


      Im great, just working myself to death, hit me up on fb, ill give you the run down XD

  12. hey bro can you make apartments? in new santos? 

  13. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  14. Yea u liked that didn't u Ye Pommy cunt

    1. Kyle


      Ah yes old chap I must admit I had quite a chuckle my good sir

  15. your signature is so accurate


    in other news i love your profile header

  16. you are always welcome, if u know what I mean :D

  17. Hello Mickey, when so we RP as Clowns again?

    1. MickeyDudo


      Yeah. Maybe in the future.

  18. can you come on discord

  19. Check paypal cuz

  20. Come to discord nub 

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